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    July 2019 - Riverbats, New Balance Baseball, Wilson Group, Zephyr Hats Announce Partnerships

    The Cincinnati Riverbats are excited to announce that New Balance Baseball and Zephyr hats will be the Official On-Field uniform supplier of the Organization.  New Balance Baseball provides excellent uniform options for all of our teams from 7u to 18u.   Not only provides a huge cost savings for the families, and the organization.  The players, coaches and families will look and  feel the same across the organization. 

    Wilson group will be assisting us in all of our hard gear products, from Demarini, Louisville Slugger, and Wilson products.  There are no other leaders in the game than what we have teamed up with.

    Zephyr hats will be the hat supplier with more options and their stand out customer service is an easy decision.

    It's a great day for the Cincinnati Riverbats Organization and the new partnership with New Balance Baseball, and Wilson Group, and Zephyr Hats!  


    In the spring of 2018, the Riverbats organization had implemented the Scholar Athlete Program. This program was put into place by the newly appointed president, Dennis Dick, in an effort for the Riverbats organization to set a precedence for academic excellence. Dennis feels strongly that if athletes have earned honor roll recognition in school, then they deserve to be recognized within the sport of baseball as well.  "The purpose of the program is to push our athletes to be their best academically, just as we push them to be their best in the sport of baseball."  Promoting an understanding of the importance of academics and the impact it will have on their futures is paramount for our Riverbats players. For each quarter or semester that the athletes are on the honor roll, they will be recognized on our website and social media platforms.  Ultimately, the athletes who achieve the honor roll for all quarters or semesters will be recognized at the Riverbats Scholar Athlete Banquet. 

    In October 2018, the 1st annual Cincinnati Riverbats Scholar Athlete Banquet was a huge success!  In the 2018 season the Cincinnati Riverbats had a grand total of 72 athletes who had an overall GPA of 3.2 or higher.  This was a huge success for the first year, I cant wait to see the success of the program continue to grow.  A special thanks to Kurt Ainsworth CEO with Marucci Sports in backing our program!


    NCAA D1 SIGNED: 29

    NCAA D2 SIGNED: 18

    NCAA D3 SIGNED: 30





    2019 GRAD! Evan Kemp Commits to University of Cincinnati!

    Yes thats right 2018 16U Evan Kemp commits to the University of Cincinnati!  We are super proud of your accomplishments young man.  Coach Neff speaks superbly of this fine athlete.  We at the Cincinnati Riverbats wish you all the luck in moving forward in your baseball career!

    2018 GRAD! Warren Clarke Commits to University of Dayton!

    Congratulations to our 18U Warren Clarke on his commitment to University of Dayton!  Warren graduates in 2018, and will further his baseball and academic career at UD.  Warren had looked at multiple offers and chose to be a Flyer.  Warren has been a strong teammate, athlete, and part of the Cincinnati Riverbats family for 3 years.  Warren has been with Coach Dearinger since his 9U season.  He currently attends Stephen T. Badin High School.  We are very proud of your accomplishment!  


    Congratulations to our 18U Brandon Bennett on his commitment to  Otterbein University.  Brandon is going to be a Northwest Graduate in 2018 with a GPA of 3.6.  We are extremely proud of Brandon on his accomplishments, and are excited to see him continue his academic and athletic career.  We wish him well and again, CONGRATS YOUNG MAN WELL DESERVED!

    2019 GRAD! Chet Larger Commits to University of Indianapolis!

    We are proud to announce the commitment of Chet Larger to the University of Indianapolis!  We are super proud of his accomplishments and wish him all the best in his future.  He is a super dedicated athlete, and teammate!  Good luck young man!

    2018 GRAD! Adam Dearinger commits to Bowling Green State University!

    Congratulations to our 18U Adam Dearinger on his commitment to Bowling Green State University!  Adam graduates in 2018 and will further his baseball and academic career at BGSU.  Adam has been a great teammate, athlete and part of the Cincinnati Riverbats family for the last 3 years .  He currently attends Northwest High School.  We are super proud of your accomplishment!  


    Congratulations to Brady on his commitment to Heidelberg University!  Brady is a senior at Moeller High School.  We wanted to congratulate Brady on his accomplishment of furthering his academic and athletic career.  Awesome work!  We are proud!

    2018 GRAD! Andrew Noelker Commits to University of Cincinnati!

    Andrew is going to further his athletic and academic career at the University of Cincinnati!  Andrew is an awesome young man with some mad baseball skills.  UC picked a super athlete and teammate on this scholarship!  Solid work Andrew, Riverbats family are proud of you!!

    2018 GRAD! Sam Mathews Commits to Marietta University!

    2018 18U Sam Matthews will be furthering his athletic and collegiate career at Marietta University!  Congrats young man your hard work has paid off!  Enjoy you awesome future ahead!


    Congratulations to our 18U Zack Bell on his commitment to Mt. St. Joseph University.  Zack is a Hamilton senior graduating this May.  We are extremely proud of Zack and his accomplishments,  we are looking for a big future from you young man!  Congrats again, we are proud of you!

    Congratulations to Kalvin Curtis & Jake Oliver on their commit to Clark State University!

    Congratulations to both Kalvin Clark, and Jake Oliver on their commit to Clark State University!  These two will continue as teammates in College!  Congrats to both you boys you deserve it!

    Riverbats PBR Day coming February 16th, 2019. Taking you to the next level!

    PBR - Prep Baseball Report

    The Cincinnati Riverbats are proud supporters of the Prep Baseball Report.  This is where we showcase our athletes to the Colleges across the United States.  We have a PBR Riverbats Only day once a year locally in Cincinnati Ohio.  We also attend multiple events across the midwest, to showcase our athletes as much as possible.  This gives them every oportunity to see college recruiters.  We are taking them to the next level! See last years results below!

    2018/2019 Cincinnati Riverbats College Day! November 17th, 2018 (9-11 Impact Blue Ash)

    We had an awesome Cincinnati Riverbats College Day last year!  This is part of the reason we have so much success getting our athletes recruited! We spent the day exploring college options with our athletes. This helps them make the best decision in the next phase of their journey! Along with ACT testing, tutoring, and assistance to get the highest grade you can possibly get!  

    This year will be no different!  It will be lead by our very own Chris Booth (VP of Cincinnati Riverbats).  Chris has tons of background in not only playing, but also coaching at the collegiate levels.  From D1, D2, and D3. 

    We will also have Cincinnati native Scott Steinmann, here to talk to the athletes about the struggles he had in the game as a player, and manager.  Scott graduated from Colerain HS, Miami University, drafted to the Seattle Mariners, where he both played and managed in the same organization.  Scott then moved to the Oakland Athletics where he currently manages.  He has been in the pro game for over 20+ years.  We are excited to hear his pro's and cons of the great game of baseball!

    We will also have Jen Henson from Texas, another Cincinnati native to assist the athletes with ACT preparation, and online study help!  

    If your athlete has the ambition to play collegiate baseball you wont want to miss this event!  It will be Saturday November 17th, 2018 at Impact Baseball in Blue Ash.  11433 Williamson Road, Blue Ash, Ohio 45241 from 9-11 am.  If you are not a Cincinnati Riverbat and would like to attend this please contact Dennis Dick @ 513.623.0689. There will be a $10.00 charge for non Riverbats athletes.




    Welcome Chris Booth as the new Vice President for the Cincinnati Riverbats!

    Help me welcome Chris Booth, just announced as the Public Relations Director for the Cincinnati Riverbats!  Chris is a graduate of La Salle High School.  Played collegiately @ Sinclair Community College & Thomas More College.  Selected by Springfield Capitals in 2000 Frontier League Draft.  He has coached varsity at La Salle High School & Newport Central Catholic.  Assisted coaching at D1, D2, & D3 levels at Thomas More College, University of Charleston, and Virgiania Military Institute.  He will be managing the daily opertions of social media.  A vital part of the success of and organization.  Great communication is a must.  Chris will be coaching an 13U Cincinnati Riverbats team, in his spare time.  Chris WELCOME to the family!

    2019 New Balance Baseball fitting day! Big things are happening in the organization! STAY TUNED!!!

    Welcome Jason Christian to the Board of Directors!

    I wanted to announce our newest Board Member as Director of Baseball Operations for the Cincinnati Riverbats. Jason Christian has a stellar background as a player and as a coach. Jason is a Loveland grad, and played shortstop at the University of Michigan before being drafted by the Oakland A's in the 5th round of the 2008 MLB Draft and played 6 professional seasons with Oakland, Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Minnesota. Help me welcome Jason to the Riverbats Board as Director of Baseball!  He will be a huge asset to us for many years to come!

    In his spare time you will find him coaching 13U with his assistants Chris Booth, and Brian Christian.  


    12U/13U/15U Riverbats Hands Against Hunger To Kickstart the Holidays!

    12U, 13U, 15U, Cincinnati Riverbats Teams led by Dennis Dick and Hector Rodriguez packed 50,000 meals and water sanitization packages for needy folks in Swaziland, Africa and here in Cincinnati.

    "Y'all made life just a little better for someone in need.  From the bottom of my heart, Maria and I thank you for lending us a hand".  For the second year in a row we showed up with ~30 + players, moms, dads, siblings, and grandparents to take time out of our day and give to someone in serious need a little help- Once again "that baseball team with the 'R' on their hat" showed up in big numbers to help others... The entire community was buzzing about you guys.. Once again, you have made me very proud to be a Riverbat! 

    Cincinnati Riverbats - Helping Hatti

    Riverbats Family, here are the pics from the Hands Against Hunger volunteer event. I know I missed out on taking pics of my crew DeMo and Cam (sorry guys)... I hope I was able to get everyone else.

    cincyriverbats Cincinnati Riverbats cincyriverbats


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